Cheat Codes by J. Fontaine- NEW ALBUM 2017


We haven’t heard much from J. Fontaine musically since 2013.  Little did we know, he was crafting his second album entitled “Cheat Codes”.

In the meantime, his songs have been racking up movie placements including ‘Do it to this Song’ which was featured on both the movie “Worthless” starring Tara Reid, and “The Mint” starring J-Woww.  Songs from Cheat Codes have also enjoyed movie placements.  “Haters Say” can be heard on The Mint, “How it Feel” and “That’s How it Goes” are heard on the box office hit “Fight Valley.”  Other songs have been placed in the movie “Cold.”

In addition to movie appearances in the above titles, J. Fontaine is currently working on a movie entitled “Wasps” which features a female fighter pilot cast in the vein of Top Gun.

The album earned its title “Cheat Codes” based on Fontaine’s business venture in the Coleco Video game brand.  Coleco is set to launch new hand held miniature arcade games.

Five videos from the album have already been released with a few others on the way.  Track styles vary from Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B.  This is a truly eclectic blend from a multi-talented artist.

Grievance Group 2 – Official Movie Trailer

Written & Directed By Rob Hawk
Executive Producer & Co-Writer Chris Cardillo