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Marty Mar Directs Shard’s Ain’t About

Through his newly formed W.I.M.M. productions, Marty Mar directs the video for Shard’s Ain’t About off upcoming Code Red mixtape .

New Music: DayDreaming by Ace Da’Great

Ace jumps on a track produced by Jru and lets it be known that he wants it right now.

Ace’s Destiny

With iLLaNoise producing the track, Ace records She’s Like No Other to commemorate the birth of his daughter, Destiny.

An iLL Father’s Day Tribute

With Mary J’s soulful vocals serving as a backdrop, iLLaNoise and his brother Looga release a tribute to their father.

Welcome To Shardy’s Room

Shard cracks the door open and gives you a peek into his room with his remix of Drake’s emo hit Marvin’s Room.