More To The Music With Jus Murray

At The Jersey Mint, we strive to give you guys something more, something different. More To The Music is a look at what our artists think about their projects. Here Jus Murray speaks about his upcoming EP, Self-Explanatory.

So why did you decide to name this project Self-Explanatory, what are you trying to explain?
The self-explanatory concept comes from my long winded search for self identity in regard to my direction as an artist. Prior to this I had no true direction, no logical goals set myself, & never took into consideration that my career at the end of the day was gonna be more than music. So basically what I’m trying to explain is that now “I’m Found” and the music not only explains exactly that but also comes from a deeper part of my self-conscience I’ve discovered on the way.

This is going to be an EP, why did you decide to take that path instead of making a full LP?
The EP decision at the end of the day is more or less a marketing strategy. This allows me to introduce myself to world musically with a few songs that will then leave you in a crave for more versus showing the people all my goods in one shot. Think of when your meeting someone for the first time you don’t give them every ounce of your very being the first night it takes time. A bond and a particular amount of trust has to be obtained.

What’s so different about your music, what are you bring to the table?

I bring to the table Jus Murray, hence the influence for the Self-Explanatory EP. I’am my own person and there’s no duplicates of that. So naturally my music will be different from anyone else out right now. From a more specific standpoint I would say my sound crosses alot of different boundaries allowing me not to be pigeon holed to one genre. My music is very conversational versus being very aggressive and forceful. I speak to the listener rather than scream and holler. I make reference to and touch areas of life most men in the Hip-Hop community wouldn’t, in fear that it would be detrimental to their self-image. My selections are always very relative and grabs the public with the mere thought of them feeling like that was me at one point, or that is what I’m going through, or I know exactly what he’s talking about I thought I was the only one. I give the people a sense of their not alone and regardless of my status as an artist, I have my moments too.

Who’s involved in your project?
I have an elite line of producers and featured artists involved in my project. Heavily involved is producer James “A-Natural” Foster of Blockstars Productions. James has had an enormous impact on my career not only musically but personally. He’s helped alot with the discovery and direction of my identity as an artist. We’ve been working now for a little less than a year but the progress has been more than satifying to us both. We have a outstanding level of chemistry and everything just clicks when we’re working, whether it comes to writing, vocal arrangements, song ideas, or visions outside of the music. Also on project is producer Hard Knoxx of Demokrat Muzik as well as singers Ali Caldwell and Desiree Sanchez.

What’s your favorite song on the album?
My favorite song on the album would have to be Hold On Me feat. A-natural; he also produced the track.

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