Knoxx Produces Lead Single For Chase N Cashe

New Orleans native and Surf Club member Chase N. Cashe drops his first rapping release Gumbeaux and your favorite producer, Knoxx puts some of his flavor in it!

“Even though we’re separate, you know, having our own sound and companies, I just feel with my DemoKrat Muzik brand and Chop and Joe’s Dream Team Productions, it’s like Voltron, we’re coming together as one. As a producer I would never want to limit myself musically or experience wise. And even though I Don’t Want Nothing was produced solely by me, I’ve learned a lot from Chop and Joe, and I look to continue working with them and I’m definitely grateful, that our partnership lead to Chase N Cashe using I Don’t Want Nothing as his single and as well as snatching up 3 tracks for the Gumbeaux project.”

Says Knoxx.

Download Chase N Cashe’s Gumbeaux and make sure you check out Go Hard Or Go Home, Tell Me What You Know and Feelings in addition to I Don’t Want Nothing, all produced by Knoxx.

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