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Marty Mar Directs Shard’s Ain’t About

Through his newly formed W.I.M.M. productions, Marty Mar directs the video for Shard’s Ain’t About off upcoming Code Red mixtape .

Welcome To Shardy’s Room

Shard cracks the door open and gives you a peek into his room with his remix of Drake’s emo hit Marvin’s Room.

The Alpha 3 Kicks Summer Off Early

With summer only a week away, The Alpha 3 decided to just start things off a bit early with their release of Summertime, a rendition of the Hip-Hop classic made famous by Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Ace Da’Great & Shard TagTeam For IMA Bo$$ Freestyle

With every rapper across the country jumping on the Meek Mill’s Ima Boss beat, UpRight’s Ace & Shard take a stab at it too… they just so happen to KILL it!!! IMA BO$$ Freestyle by The Jersey Mint