18 June 2016 | Aziza

With a rich cultural background of Middle Eastern roots comprising of Moroccan, Iraqi and Saudi Arabian decent, 19 year-old Jersey City singer-songwriter, Aziza Shurafa, is a unique combination of sorts. Personality wise she has enough street appeal not to be messed with but she’s also sufficiently stylish whereas to blend in with everyone from the skaters to the high-fashioned. And with a persona and flair likes hers, it’s easy to see why she has a mean fetish for different sounds. Musically she’s drawn to a variety of genres, influenced by artists such as Madonna, TLC, Tupac and other greats in the 90s, which influence her music greatly. A few years back, Aziza released a mixtape track,U Mad, Fix Ya Face that gained some buzz locally but that’s not the type of success she’s after and with the support of UpRight Entertainment Group behind her, she’s currently in the studio penning more songs and striving for greatness.

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