About Us

Jersey Mint was founded in 2008 with the idea of creating a central label for local artists mostly from the New Jersey area. Years later, the Jersey Mint found itself with a number of notable collaborations, movie placements for its music as well as the focus of a full length movie called “The Mint” starring MTV’s “Jersey Shore” temptress J-Woww.

Starting with the mega collaboration “Comeback” between Joe Budden and a number of Jersey Mint artists (Ace, Shard, Illa, and Fontaine), the label has enjoyed collaborations with Kristinia DeBarge, Bernadette DeSimone, Kim Caldwell, Serius Jones, Ransome, and others.

Jersey Mint songs can be found in many movies including “Worthless” starring Tara Reid, “The Mint” starring J-Woww, “Fight Valley” starring Meisha Tate and Holly Holm, “The Grievance Group” and “Cold.”

The label was also responsible for the Mint Movie soundtrack which includes music by Honey Cocaine, AZ, RaKim, Ashlee Keating and Kristinia DeBarge.