Road Trippin’ Video- Ashlee Keating

We are proud to preset Ashlee Keating’s new video for ROAD TRIPPIN’
EP Now available on iTunes
Includes Road Trippin’ – Helluva Ride – Helluva Ride (Maverick Mix)

Ashlee Keating “Helluva Ride” Official Music Video

Ashlee Keating’s Official Music Video for her original song “Helluva Ride”!

Shooting this video was amazing and so much fun! I’m so grateful for everyone who helped making this day/shoot so special! My family, friends, crew, and extras! Hope everyone love my song & video!! Make sure to comment, like, & subscribe!! 😉 Thx for all your support! Love you all! xo

Grievance Group 2 – Official Movie Trailer

Written & Directed By Rob Hawk
Executive Producer & Co-Writer Chris Cardillo

The Mint – Trailer

The first trailer for The mint staring Jenni “Jwoww” Farley, Chris Cardillo, Kristinia DeBarge, Ashlee Keating, Sarah Seeds, and Rashad Jackson. Written and directed by Raymond Mamrak.


VIDEO JWoww is essentially Cookie Lyon in new The Mint movie trailer


We are getting closer and closer to Jenni “JWoww” Farley’s big screen acting debut! More than a month after releasing the first teaser trailer for her first movie The Mint, writer and director Raymond Mamrak shared a new extended trailer that begins and ends with JWoww showing off her acting chops:

JWOWW Is ‘Empire’-Worthy In New Trailer For ‘The Mint’

Becoming a mother may have softened Jenni Farley, but make no mistake — she is still not one to be messed with.

more: JWOWW Shines In Teaser For Upcoming Flick ‘The Mint’

The former “Jersey Shore” star, who recently announced details surrounding her upcoming wedding, has ensured 2015 is one for the books with a starring role in the upcoming flick “The Mint.” Farley will play the girlfriend of a struggling record company executive’s heir, and in the film’s trailer below, her character Vicki makes it abundantly clear that she’s tired of the man’s wishy-washy ways. Don’t mince a single word, J!

“We need you to start working harder and signing new talent,” Vicki insists in the clip above. “We cannot live off these old-school joints that you have and your club music!” And so, the music mogul sets off on a journey to sign a young, promising act…but is it enough to fix the damage that’s been done to his relationship, and can he possibly survive the massive eye-roll Vicki deals him when he pleads “You are my happiness”? Not a meek bone in Vicki/JWOWW’s body…

Check out the segment, and be sure to catch “The Mint” this summer!

Serius Jones


Serius Jones sits down with URL to discuss the state of the battle game and his next URL battle. The NJ spitter also talks possible match ups for his next URL Battle.